The Importance of FMLA and Father-Baby Bonding

The FMLA provides an important opportunity for fathers to bond with their child and helps to level the playing field between mothers and fathers in the workplace. Mothers have long been the primary caregivers for young children, but the FMLA provides fathers with the chance to be more involved in their child's life from the very beginning. This bonding time is crucial for fathers and children alike, and can help to create a strong and lasting relationship. Additionally, fathers who take advantage of the FMLA's leave provisions are more likely to be involved in their child's life after they return to work, setting a strong foundation for the future.

How to Implement Mental Health and Corporate Wellness Initiatives in Your Workplace

Mental health and corporate wellness should be a priority for any organization. After all, employees are the backbone of any company. When employees are happy and healthy, they are more productive, and they are more likely to stay with the organization. The benefits of implementing wellness programs are extensive; reduced stress levels, improved morale, and increased team cohesion to name a few. This blog explains the fundamentals, challenges that may arise, and how to implement your ideas into a reality.

The Future Of Human Resources: 5 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of HR. First, engaged employees are more productive. They’re more likely to put forth an extra effort and be creative in their work. Second, engaged employees are more satisfied with their work. They feel like they’re doing something meaningful and they’re more likely to stick with their jobs. Finally, engaged employees are less likely to leave their jobs. They’re more loyal to their companies and they don’t want to start over at a new company. HR professionals must take steps to improve employee engagement. By doing so, they can create a more productive, satisfied, and loyal workforce.


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