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Sampoorna Ramakrishna, SHRM-CP

I have taken Diversity & Inclusion, I-9 certification, and HR Certification prep courses offered by HRtrainingclasses.com. Elga is an amazing instructor. Elga is very passionate about her work and very dedicated to her students. Before joining Elga, my goal was to get just one HR certification, but now it is different. She has amazing team members. Thank you Elga for inspiring us to get all the certifications and being with us through our journey. You are the best.

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Rubitha Logan

Elga, thank you for the time and effort you put into the Diversity and Inclusion training that I attended this week! I am glad that I signed up with you! Not only was it insightful, but the fact that you went above and beyond to give insight of employment law and what constitutes discrimination, helped to lay the foundation for understanding the importance of embracing diversity, promoting equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Great job, thank you!

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Gwendolyn Taylor, MHRM

I recently participated in a 2-Day Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program and it was very information. The training included the following topics just to name a few; Unconscious bias training, Preventing Discrimination and Harassment Training, people with Disabilities and many others. Elga is a wonderful instructor and has an extensive amount of knowledge in all areas of human resources. I've had the pleasure of being a participant in several seminars and trainings that Elga has instructed and I must say that she makes learning fun, interesting and informative at the same time. She offers a variety of classes and I promise you will not be disappointed!

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Dr. Teddie E. Malangwasira

I recently took a 2-Day Diversity and Inclusion course facilitated by Elga. Not only does she know the content, she also is one of the best facilitators of learning particularly online. Her sessions were full of energy and discussed the relevant D&I issues we face today. I highly recommend her sessions to anyone interested in diversity and inclusion—both in the workplace and in society where we live.

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