Jennifer Johnson, PHR

I highly recommend enrolling with Elga and her team. She cares about your goals and will partner with you to achieve them. The numbers don't lie she has a 96% success rate. Enroll and invest in yourself!

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Divya Kadappanavar, aPHR

I would like to thank Elga for giving me the confidence that I could do this, she is a very hands on instructor has vested interested in all of her participants, her classes are very engaging and makes them more enjoyable with her stories. She mentioned I had one of the best results for aPHR, all I can say is I just followed her instructions an passed it on the first try! Thank you Elga!! Looking forward to continuing my journey with you.

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Mary Gamboa, aPHR

It's without hesitation that I recommend Elga Legarza and HRTrainingclasses to prepare you for any of the HR exams. Elga is a brilliant and gifted professor that really understands what we need to pass our exams. I am very fortunate to have chosen Elga for my HR exam preparation. I highly recommend Elga due to her extended knowledge. Don't look anymore and take your preparation courses with Legarza and HR Training Classes, you would be successful with her guidance.

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Lexi Wittekind, aPHR

I have been working in HR for almost 10 months now. In October I decided I wanted to work on getting some certifications, so I took Elga's 2 day aPHR bootcamp. Everything she went over, was covered for the exam! I just took my exam this morning and passed! I can't wait to work for my next certification and work with Elga again! 100% recommend Elga and her HR Training Courses!

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Felicia Guidry, aPHR

Thank you Elga for being the best Human Resource instructor. I appreciate your support, dedication, and aspiration of making sure that your students are equipped with the necessary tools in order to pass their exam. I am thankful that you offer HR online training classes, online study materials, group study sessions, and one-one-one sessions to help support students in meeting their goals. I am very grateful to have received my APHR certification and my next objective is to pass the PHR.

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Sandy Lindberg aPHR, PHR

HR Training classes prepare you for the future. You learn at your own pace and have so many resources available. From the first day of class, Elga impressed me with her passion and knowledge to explain difficult concepts. Her caring nature and personality facilitate interactions with all her students. Elga is talented, caring, intuitive, dedicated, and focused on her pursuit to help every student succeed. To individuals that are not familiar with Elga, they might view her as another instructor but to me she is a true Hero for inspiring and motivating me to pursue my career goals. Thank you Elga!

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