If you have attempted the PHR and/or SPHR and did not pass, you know that painful feeling—the one that knocks you down and basically paralyzes you with fear of failing again—I experienced that in 2015. I finally decided to try again so I attended Elga’s 5-day workshop in Nashville in March 2018. I could tell very quickly that Elga knew the material, was invested in seeing all participants pass and was committed to boosting our confidence. Elga achieved this by explaining the concepts behind the material and by providing great test taking tips. After the workshop, I submitted my SPHR application. However, I waited until September 2018 to test because I was still scared. A week before my test date, I reviewed all the materials that Elga provided during class and it was as though I could hear Elga right there reviewing the material, giving the tips and cheering me on. Not only did I pass, but I received very high marks on each area. I remember thinking during my test, “this is easy,” and “this wasn’t like the last time.” I believe that Elga’s training and support played a huge role in what I was feeling and why I passed. So, if you’ve taken either test and did not pass—connect with Elga. If you haven’t taken either test and want to pass–connect with Elga. Thanks, Elga!

Christina Reising, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP
Integrity HR, Inc