I was told while working in the HR Department that it was time to go out and get my PHR certification. At first I was lost, not knowing where to look or where to go. Then I met Elga and HRTrainingClasses,com. Elga is a one stop shop for anything that you or your company needs for HR training and/or getting prepared for HR certifications. I joined Elga in a PHR training seminar in Nashville and was shocked at the little content that I actually knew. However, Elga was there with all the answers and support that I needed to pass the test. I cannot recommend the seminars enough, Elga has a way of making the content easy to relate to, and provides real life examples so that you actually comprehend the content. Now I have passed my PHR exam and owe a lot of it to Elga and her team.

HR Certification Exam Prep Classes like the one Shane took

Shane Sixsmith, PHR