I had the pleasure of taking Elga’s HR Bootcamp class, and it was an experience that I will never forget. First, let me start by saying she is EXTREMELY passionate about the content she teaches and is invested in making each student a success. The class was 3 hours long twice per week, and I was never bored…because Elga’s energy is infectious! During the first week of class, I learned enough information to put together a strategic planning binder for the Senior Leadership at my company (big hit). Elga works tirelessly to make sure that you don’t just memorize the concepts but that you really understand the information and apply the knowledge; this is critical for taking the exams. I passed the PHR today, and I am so happy; there is NO WAY I could have passed this exam without Elga’s class and her unwavering support. If you are on the fence about enrolling in her class, stop what you are doing and enroll RIGHT NOW. I promise that this will enhance your career in more ways than one; not only will you pass the exams, you will enrich your knowledge In the subject matter of HR.