I first “happened” on Elga’s classes as a way to get my certifications “out of the way.” I wasn’t looking forward to the time it would take to study and learn, but I was going to suck it up and do it. The first session with Elga changed my attitude completely. She is so engaging, passionate, and caring! She loves the material, and she loves teaching. She takes a personal interest in all of her students. She goes above and beyond in her desire to help everyone accomplish all of their goals and even dream bigger than they had. I LOVE learning with Elga. I look forward to class, and I enjoy her attitude. Thanks to Elga and her whole training system, I not only passed my PHR, but I passed my SPHR” within 2 weeks of each other. I didn’t know to register for my SHRM exams, so I have to wait until December to take those. But you can bet I will be getting Elga’s help preparing for them. She is a rare soul, and I have grown to love and admire her so much!