You are not going to believe my story.

I just took the 5-day HR Bootcamp classes in Burbank from Monday 02/24/20 to Friday 02/28/20 and passed the PHR exam on Monday 03/02/20.

I even had no chance to read the materials because I am a super busy working mom with two babies (5 and 18 month old). I was not able to have my own time to study or read the books and flashcards. On top of that English is not my first language.

All I did was that I strongly concentrated what Elga said during her class and tried to understand and memorize everything on the spot. Elga kept repeating important points over and over again, so they actually got into my brain automatically I believe.

By taking the classes, I could save a lot of time to cover all important things to know. If I studied by myself, it would take forever and couldn’t pass the exam in this super short period time honestly.

I also really appreciated how she treated and cared everyone in class. I highly recommend Elga’s training courses. You can’t go wrong with her teaching. Good luck to everyone who takes her courses.

Big thanks to such a beautiful and wonderful instructor Elga! Thank you Elga, again and again!

Yeon Joo Lee
Human Resources Director, PHR Certified