Elga is a phenomenal and dynamic instructor. I recently took her 5-day boot camp in preparation for my PHR certification test and found her methods of instruction, guidance, and support to be most effective. I owe much thanks to successfully passing my certification to Elga and her confidence in me. You can tell she loves what she does by her devotion to helping so many succeed. In the past, I have tried other various means of studying content, but was not able to feel as confident and secure in my approach without the extra push that she provided along the way. I went from un-confident and unsure of my instinct at the start of the course to eager, enthusiastic, and a whole new person when I walked into the testing center 7 days later. I’ve felt a transformation and owe credit to how Elga has reshaped my perspective. I can’t wait to continue on my professional journey and hope to take future courses provided by Elga & HR Training Classes. Much Thanks!