When you think of an instructor you immediately think of someone who is knowledgeable, motivated and passionate about their area of expertise. Those traits exemplify Elga but there is she is so much more to her. Her clear goal is the success of her students. She carves time out of her personal schedule outside of expected class to create opportunities for everyone to review material and share knowledge. She makes it a point to know each of her participants on a personal basis. She cares. My personal experience shows just how valuable Elga was to my success. I completed the course and the week prior to my exam I was feeling confident but nervous so we scheduled a 1-on-1 call to review. After noticing I was tripping up on some concepts, Elga scheduled an two additional sessions to clear up any confusion I had. These touch points were not planned in her busy schedule but she carved out the time to ensure my success. I genuinely feel that Elga was the secret sauce to my success and am thrilled I had her not only an instructor but as a coach. When you join her classes you get more than what you pay for!