Let me begin by saying thank you Elga and thank you to my HR Training Classes Family. I could not have passed the PHR without this combination of support. If you are looking to certify yourself in Human Resources, look no further! You have arrived and you have found a gem amongst stones. Elga is an amazing and dedicated teacher, facilitator, motivator, and overall a kind and compassionate human being that is hard to find. I was referred to her by a colleague of mine and Elga has been so supportive throughout my time preparing to take the test. She provides you with all the tools that you will not be able to find anywhere else, just a little example she spends 3 days reviewing with you individually or in a group setting just to make sure your ready. Who does that? Her team at HRtrainingclasses.com are the best as well they are available for you 24 hrs of the day and that’s service that I truly appreciated and will continue to appreciate as I continue my journey and obtain further certifications. Thank you again Elga you have been my gem amongst stones and I feel lucky everyday to have you in my life shaping my career!